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Create & Export LEDES Invoices

Create and export electronic legal invoices in several LEDES formats such as 1998B. Easily record UTBMS codes and ensure compliance to clients’ billing guidelines with alerts when codes are missing.

Highlighted benefits
  • Export in any LEDES invoice format
  • Easily capture UTBMS e-billing codes
  • Create custom electronic billing codes
  • Ensure compliance to billing guidelines
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Record Hourly & Flat Fee Billing

Several methods of time capture makes it easy for you to record billables and UTBMS e-billing codes using either dictation, timers or text, and whether you’re in the car, office or court house.

Highlighted benefits
  • Capture fees and expenses
  • Record time with your voice
  • Access on mobile and web
  • Free up attorney time
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Track Performance & Financials

Keep tabs on your law firm’s finances and timekeepers’ performance with our powerful analytics, giving you an at-a-glance overview of key metrics that are updated in real-time, and that are exportable.

Highlighted benefits
  • Compare timekeeper performance
  • Analyze financial metrics and trends
  • Keep track of billable and non-billable time
  • Access interactive and exportable reports
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Your Favorite Tools Integrate With Bilr

Connect your legal apps with Bilr. With the world’s top legal software  available in our directory, your favourite tools are just a click away.

LawPay is the leading payments solution for lawyers and law firms. Use LawPay within Bilr to get paid faster and easier.

QuickBooks is one of the best accounting solutions for lawyers and law firms. Use QuickBooks with Bilr to track finances.

LEDES is an acronym for Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard. Export LEDES bills and record UTBMS codes with Bilr.

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