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Bilr enables law firms, agencies, freelancers and others to record billable hours and create invoices.

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UTBMS Code Automation

Bilr announces new AI-driven UTBMS code predictions. For those law firms required to use UTBMS codes in their line entries and invoices, Bilr is launching an AI-driven prediction tool.

Highlighted benefits
  • Save time
  • Create greater accuracy
  • Simplify the process for all users
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Record Hourly & Flat Fee Billing

Hate calculating? We will calculate for you! Recording your billable hours made easy, set flat fees and hourly rates in the currency you need.

Highlighted benefits
  • Capture fees and expenses
  • Record time with your voice
  • Access on mobile and web
  • Reduce billing admin tasks
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Create & Export Custom Invoices

Imprint your brand personality in the way you bill. No need for boring and impersonal invoices, easily upload your logo and edit invoice designs in a flash.

Highlighted benefits
  • Export in any mainstream invoice format
  • Customize the look and feel of your invoices
  • Select from pre-created invoice templates
  • Submit invoices with QuickBooks
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Record Time With Voice

Don't write it, speak it! Our iOS and Android app enables you to work on the go, with 95% accurate speech-to-text for recording time and dictations. The new app will be available soon!

Highlighted benefits
  • Convert speech into text on smart devices
  • Utilize the NLP technology within your smart device
  • Record activities and dictation entries, synced with cloud
  • Speak into your device and let Bilr do the rest
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Track Credits & Trust Accounting

Make life easier, set up an easy-to-track credit account and we'll calculate everything for you. Easily keep track of client funds and retainers.

Highlighted benefits
  • Auto-create credit notes on overpayment
  • Deduct credit balance against invoice totals
  • Track outstanding credit balances by client
  • Create and track retainer payments
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Access In-Depth Data Analytics

With deep data analytics, you can examine employee account behavior and review detailed information about businesses performance.

Highlighted benefits
  • Analyze key business metrics and trends
  • Scrutinize the very heartbeat of your business
  • Access interactive and exportable reports
  • Filter data by client, project, user and more
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Compare User Performance

With user performance tracking, you can track multiple users' performance individually. Give users different levels of access and personalized targets.

Highlighted benefits
  • View user specific data and identify top performers
  • Scrutinize individual user performance, and compare
  • Set targets and track users’ attainment towards them
  • Export comparison and performance reports into Excel
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Automate Guideline Review

Clean your invoices with our machine learning. You won't have invoices sent back to you ever again. Create a compliant invoice, and simply get paid.

Highlighted benefits
  • Automatically review line items for guideline compliance
  • Identify non-compliant line items before submission to clients
  • Get alerted when UTBMS e-billing codes are missing but required
  • Let attorneys correct their own line items at the time of capture
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Integrate 3rd-Party Software

Connect your favorite apps for accounting and payments. Integrate with QuickBooks for easier accounting, and LawPay for simple online payments.

Highlighted benefits
  • QuickBooks integration supported
  • LawPay integration supported
  • Filevine integration supported
  • Custom integrations available
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Access on iOS & Android

Bilr is getting a makeover! We’re making Bilr even better by adding some exciting AI features. This means a more user-friendly and dynamic experience for you! The new app will be available soon!

Highlighted benefits
  • Access Bilr on iOS and Android devices, including tablets
  • Record billables when out of the office with written entries or voice
  • Keep track of client notes and other information when on the go
  • Sync all of your activity automatically with the cloud and web app
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Manage Clients & Projects

Keep your clients in one place and manage them with ease. Have you closed a project? How much have you billed a client? All questions answered in Bilr.

Highlighted benefits
  • Set up client and project-specific billing rates
  • Administer platform access with custom user roles
  • Assign teams and supervisors to ongoing projects
  • Export timesheets by client, project and user
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